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Private Label

Body Dimensions is among the few true contract manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products – that use our in-house expertise of product development to provide our clients the best that private label can deliver. With our breadth of experience in contract manufacturing, raw materials sourcing, package design and procurement, top level chemists and research and development, Body Dimensions can provide all you need to get your product to market.

Our facility is at your disposal, and allow you the best in cosmetic, botanical and mineral formulations available today. We provide the product development, proven stock formulations or new formulations, quality control so you can do what you do best – bring your ideas to us – and we help make them come true. You are able to manage your expenses by utilizing the manufacturing and sourcing systems we have already put in place and have perfected. We make it possible for you to bring your products to market quickly, and cost-effectively. Expansion of your cosmetics, hair care, and personal care lines is easy with our multiple production lines.

Our private label services include: