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From 10 ml to 1 gallon capacity –Body Dimensions contract filling is conquered by our ever growing arsenal of moderate to high speed custom filling and packaging equipment.

Our in-house machinists can manage technically advanced filling in multiple structures and presentation design formats. during the filling process, our quality control associates take samples and evaluate all products to ensure your product quality.

All Body Dimensions filling processes are performed under current good manufacturing practices (GMP) and FDA guidelines.

Our filling capabilities are limitless – below is a short list of examples:

Creams and Lotions Filling

  • From development to blending
  • Trial and Travel Size Filling
  • Full Size Filling

Fragrance Filling

  • Fine Fragrance Filling
  • Mists / Sprays Filling

Hair Care Filling

  • Fully Automated Petrolatum Filling Capabilities up to 8 ounces
  • Full Product Development of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling Products

Hot Pours

  • Solid Perfumes
  • Sticks
  • Lip Gloss

Short Run Filling

  • 500-5000 Piece Runs

Tube Filling

  • Hot Jaw Capabilities up to 54 Pieces per Minute

Creams & Lotions Filling

Body Dimensions is continuously re-investing in our company to supply the latest services and production times to our customers. Our filling services for creams and lotions include development to blending, trial and travel size filling along with standard full size filling.

Hair Care Filling

As a full-service contract manufacturer, Body Dimensions has a vested interest in filling for the hair care industry. Our fully automated petrolatum filling capabilities range up to 8 ounces to allow our customers to develop full product lines of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for the fashion conscious hair care industry.

Short Run Filling

When looking for a filling partner, Body Dimensions can handle any size business you bring us. We are happy to have that “short run” job, which allows you to bring specialty products to market. We can do 3000 to 5000 piece short runs for filling.

Call us today with your short run order, and see what Body Dimensions can do for you!

Tube Filling

As one of the major materials used today in the personal care and hair care industries, Body Dimensions is able to handle any tube filling job you may have. We have hot jaw capabilities up to 54 pieces per minute – Body Dimensions should be your next tube filling vendor.