Exceptional Cosmetics, Toiletries and Personal Care Products Since 2003


Body Dimensions Industries Inc. was founded in 2003 when Herman Muirhead and D’Oyen Keene converted a former fire-proofed car garage into a simple one-stop cosmetic packaging company in the heart of the South Bronx. Lacking a sales force or any marketing infrastructure, the duo grew the company through word of mouth, sample promotions, and excellent references.

The turn of the century presented its own challenges as the economy slowed down and consumer spending on higher end cosmetic products slowed down. Though instead of buckling under the pressure, Herman and D’Oyen doubled down on investments to ensure future growth — doubling warehouse space, making laboratory capital expenditures, hiring professional chemistry staff, and employing the latest in lean manufacturing techniques and processes.

Over the next decade, Body Dimensions continued to grow and acquire new clientele. Most importantly it expanded its capabilities from a simple cosmetics packaging company to include: personal care manufacturing, drop shipping, stability and solids testing, small distribution, and more.

In 2009, at the very beginning of the recession, there was another slowdown. Body Dimensions had recorded its biggest revenue loss since the company’s start. Times were bad, but the owners had the foresight and experience to invest heavily in the company’s future. Herman and D’Oyen each took home half of their yearly pay in order to buoy the company through bad times. Shortly thereafter, Herman’s son Justin joined the company to manage Customer Services followed by his daughter Roxanne who handles the Administrative aspects.


Within a year and a half of the continuing recession, revenues at Body Dimensions did a complete one-eighty. Productivity grew to its highest level at the end of 2010 and revenue followed through the beginning of 2011. Today the company is looking to invigorate the cosmetics and personal care world through honest, grassroots business practices and the use of modern technology.